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 'Conduits Of Hope'

Queens In Action Bahamas Foundation is a Bahamian Non Profit Organization.  We are a Sisterhood of present and past National Titleholders, Contestants & Pageant Directors,  unified to:-

  • Bring relief to those affected by natural disasters & to those marginalized by socio-economic conditions which cause a dire need for basic necessities - Food, Water, Clothing, Shelter, & Emotional Support. 

  • Our 'ROCK THE CROWN' - Life Skills Educational & Mentoring Program is offered to girls ages 7-17years.  Social inequalities and disparities make it difficult for so many who wish to improve themselves through personal enrichment programs because of cost. Your kind support helps to remove such barriers.  Our goal is to impact the lives of countless girls annually.  Life Skills development focuses on the 'whole person' - Spiritual, Mental, Physical & Social.  Experienced coaches present interactive and fun lessons to engage our young ladies.  Each day begins with quiet mediative moments which focus on calming, centering and reinforcing positive life affirmations.  Etiquette; Health & Wellness; Building Confidence & Self-Esteem; Beauty; Fashion; Self Defense; Cooking, Sewing, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship are just some of the areas covered.  Camps take place in the Summer and Fall for one month.  All participants are hosted to a year end 'Rock The Crown Gala', which will honor outstanding, community minded females.

  • We support the works and efforts of National Pageant Organizations.  The job of our national title holders is that of good-will ambassadors.  In order for our National title holders to represent our Nation in both the local and international arena, support is needed. We want every queen to shine bright and be afforded all she needs to make her journey enriching.

  • Planet Earth is our home and it is our duty to ensure we do our part to take care of it.  Education and Action is imperative as we work towards changing mindsets nationally. Stay connected to our  website and social media platforms to see ongoing initiatives and collaborations with other  NGO'S and governmental organizations focused on the environment.

Love is a Action Word.  We cannot say we love and see our brothers and sisters in need and sit idly by - we MUST act!

In recent history The Bahamas has been hit by several very strong hurricanes.  The worst, being hurricane Dorrian which was devastating.   The loss of homes resulted in thousands being  transported to the capital city of Nassau where many were housed in communal tents.  QIA joined forces with churches, other  NG0's & UNICEF to bring relief to those in need.  Serving food, collecting and distributing clothing supplies. Boxing care packages and spending quality time with the children who were displaced became a part of our daily routines. 

Not long after such major economic loss, the world was shut down by  the Corona Pandemic, thus sending many who were already struggling into a tail spin.  A loss of jobs, income and the high cost of living has caused life for many to be unbearable.  We still have a long way to go in the spiritual, physical, mental, economic and social rebuilding process.  It is imperative that we continue to care for each other and make the world a better place as 'Conduits of HOPE!'

It is imperative that we are caring custodians of our  planet.  We must educate our youth and encourage our elders to become more aware of  actions which negatively affect the environment.  We must do all we can to decrease our carbon footprints.

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