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The month of May is celebrated as Mom's Month.  So many amazing mothers are never recognized, many struggle daily to provide for their families. Our annual Mother's LoveAthon focuses on recognizing those who give so much expecting little in return.  1). We gift grocery packs, clothing and other necessities. 2). Gifting baby items and personal care items to Teen Mom's to be at PACE Bahamas, (school for  teen moms, who have not completed their secondary education).  Whether by choice or unfortunate circumstances which steal their youth, there are teenage girls who find themselves entering the life of motherhood all too early.  We strive to ensure that these young ladies know that life is not over.  We are there to encourage them to not give up on their goals and dreams;  3).  There are many girls who are for varying reasons  are unable to be with their mothers or other family members, some have been orphaned and others need to be protected from unsafe environments.  A Spring 'Tea Party' provides a fun-filled time for girls from several local orphanages.  We also use this opportunity to 'Educate 2 Elevate' and reinforce our 'Rock The Crown' training concentrating on 'Social Graces /Table Manners & Etiquette .  

2021 LoveAthon @ Great Commission

2021 PACE (School for Teen Moms)

2023 LoveAthon @ Evangelistic Centre

2023 PACE 

2023 Tea Party - Children's Emergency Hostel

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